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BCT Gin Company was born from the need of a group of farmers searching for the means to gin and market their cotton in a way that would be more beneficial to them as  growers. Maintaining a degree of control by having an individual interest in the company seemed to be the right approach; thus, in 1983 the ginning company that is today known throughout the cotton industry as B.C.T. Gin Co., Inc., was established.


At this point the shareholders and Board of Directors knew this company needed managers that were knowledgeable in farming and would also have the foresight and skills to take this company to new levels of success and growth. The positions were filled with young, enthusiastic, qualified individuals who were dedicated and determined to meet the needs of these farmers. Thirty six years later Van Murphy is still the Executive Manager over all divisions. 


All new industries must suffer through the growing pains of expansion and BCT Gin was no different.  However, with complete support of the Board of Directors, Van managed to work through those difficult times and endeavored with great success.  It is with great pride that BCT Gin’s shareholders, managers, staff, and employees have looked back at the end of every ginning season and said, “That was a job well done”.  But you can bet that just as soon as the dust cleared, each was wondering how they could do it better the next season.


Dedication and drive like this is what brought BCT Gin Company to the level of success that it greatly enjoys today.  BCT Gin Company now has seven locations.  We maintain three outstanding ginning divisions, two in Quitman, Managed by Steve Bullard and Berlin which is Managed by John Adam Wise.  These gins are conveniently located for all of our farmers and operate on the cutting edge of technology.  Both of these ginning divisions are run by qualified and experienced ginners and staff.  B.C.T. also stores all of the ginned cotton from the three locations in Moultrie, Georgia which is Managed by Butch Neal. B.C.T. can also help you with any of your consulting needs which is also done by Steve Bullard.

BCT Gin also accommodates their farmers with three large peanut buying points as well as cotton, peanut and grain storage facilities.  The buying point located in Quitman is managed by Jon Wheeler and Steve Bullard, Pavo (Sandhill) is managed by Steve Gordon and Adel (formerly known as Cook County Peanut Company) which is managed by Patrick Philpot. We also have a grain facility at our Cook Co. location. Patrick Philpot is also the Manager of  B.C.T. Cook Grain Division.  With new upgrades we are always ready to meet your needs. 

can safely and proudly say that we have met the demands of our existing customers and are prepared to meet the needs of our new customers.  Our company and it’s leaders have made their mark in the cotton and peanut industries.  From getting the cotton modules and peanuts from the fields, to marketing and selling the crop at the best prices, BCT Gin management sees that quality service follows throughout the process.  BCT Gin management is well known and respected throughout the industry for insight, knowledge, and expertise in cotton and peanut production and marketing. 


We have certainly had our share of trying times in the past but we have been blessed with thirty six successful seasons and look forward to many more.  We would consider it an honor to assist any farmer with any questions or problems they may have.  We truly pride ourselves on customer relations and satisfaction. Whether you farm ten acres or ten thousand acres our goal is to work for every farmer with equal effort and enthusiasm because every farmer is a valued customer and the success of their crops is of great importance to us. 


If you will visit our web site on a regular basis, we will keep you updated on scheduled events such as informative seminars and meetings.  We also will keep you informed on the latest suggestions on treating and spraying crops, weather predictions, and marketing news. We are constantly trying to find new ways to improve our web-site so that it will be more informative and user-friendly.  So, if you have any thoughts, ideas, or improvements you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact us.


In closing we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all of our customers for the many years of successful business we have shared.  Many life-long friendships as well as partnerships have been made through BCT Gin and we believe that it’s because we all stand on the same foundation of integrity, honesty, and respect.  We are a family at BCT Gin Company and will continue to work and grow as tight knitted as we ever have.  May each of you have a blessed year in harvest and in health.

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